Project Inspire

Community First
Wyndhams, St Joseph's Place, , SN10 1DD
01380 729813
Project Inspire is a targeted development programme for young people:
  • 13-19 at risk of offending
  • 16-19 NEET (not in education, employment or training)
  • 16-24 NEET and LDD (learning difficulties and disabilities)
It involves a variety of activities, including:Outward bound activities, cooking skills, motorbike projects, practical volunteering, food hygiene courses, first aid courses, residentials, CV writing, junior sports leaders awards, leadership skills and much more! Frequently Asked Questions: 1) Can I still claim Job Seekers Allowance? Yes. 2) How long can I stay on the programme?Aim for less than six months but it can be longer. You can even return to the programme if required. You can discuss this with your key worker when you meet up with them. 3) If I go into employment, will I still be able to seek support? Yes. We aim to support you to stay on in employment/college/ training. 4) Do I have to go on all the activities or can I pick the ones I want to do? You will only have to go on the activities you agree to do at your target setting meeting with your key worker - the activities that will support you to progress. 5) Who runs the activities? A wide range of organisations and the key workers themselves. 6) When do the activities usually run - weekdays/weekends or evenings? There is a full programme including evening and weekend projects and daytime provision. 7) Can I come along with a group of friends or is it all on a one to one basis? It is run on a one to one basis. 8) But I attend other groups/organisations, can I come to Project Inspire and still go on these? Yes, you will be able to work out a target programme with your key worker. 9) Can I claim travel expenses as I don't drive?Yes, you will arrange this with your key worker. 10) Can you pick me up from home? In some cases however, our aim is to help you feel confident enough to use public transport. If you would like more information on the project, please go to your local Connexions office, who will be able to help you by contacting a Key Worker. Key WorkersSam Hill:       T: 07740 09647 Rob Guy: 
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