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"When I am old I shall wear purple – ageing in South Wiltshire” As part of our delivery of the Blagrave Strategic Impact fund we have commissioned a piece of research into the needs of older people in Salisbury which was jointly funded by Wiltshire Council.  The researcher interviewed 140 people to find out what a fulfilling life would look like to them.  The outcome was surprising.  The new “oldies” have very different expectations than previous generations did of how their lives should be.  Many of the projects we had been funding were suitable to the frail elderly but not to the more energetic and well elderly.  The two areas identified as vital were transport and having someone with similar interests to talk to.  The latter was highlighted specifically by men!  We identified a group who did both.  Community Transport South Wiltshire is a busy car scheme who match driver to passenger and are able to do more than take their passengers to hospital appointments.  We have given them a grant of £30k over three years to expand their service.
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