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Funded by Wiltshire Council and managed by Community First, ACceleraTe is a business growth social enterprise for Community Transport in Wiltshire. Direct operational support for community transport schemes ACceleraTe provides direct operational support to existing Community Transport schemes (such as community minibus schemes and Link schemes) wanting to expand their services (for instance by running new passenger services). The type of direct operational support available through ACceleraTe to existing Community Transport schemes looking to expand includes: Provision of vehicles Provision of drivers Contract bid writing Back office assistance (such as booking services) Being a social enterprise, ACceleraTe needs to recover the costs of providing these services, therefore these services are available at the following charges to existing Community Transport groups: Provision of vehicles: £5 admin. fee per booking + £ vehicle charge per vehicle (rate dependent on vehicle lender’s charge) Provision of drivers: £7.83 per hour Contract bid writing: £180 per day / £95 per half day Back office assistance: £16 per hour
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