CF Bulk Oil Buying

DO YOU WANT CHEAPER HEATING OIL PRICES? What's the scheme about? Community First has set up a new service that will reduce the cost of your domestic heating oil each time you place an order. All you need to do to take advantage of the scheme is to pay an annual membership fee, which will cover as many oil orders as you need during the course of the year. What's the snag? There isn't one. The scheme is being promoted by Community First, the Rural Community Council for Wiltshire, a long established and well respected Wiltshire charity. By bringing communities throughout Wiltshire together and making the most of joint buying power, we can make savings and pass them directly to people like you whose fuel costs are high simply because you use oil-fired central heating. The environment benefits too Every time a tanker comes out to make a delivery, it is using a lot of diesel - a full tanker can get as little as a horrifying eight miles per gallon. If deliveries are organised so that one tanker delivers to several customers in a village instead of making lots of individual deliveries, the fuel consumption is reduced and so is traffic in the village.
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