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Taste Wiltshire - Local FoodThe consultancy arm of Community First, CF Consultancy, which has undertaken a variety of assignments for third sector organisations and social enterprises, has recently completed research around food chains in Wiltshire and developed a detailed business plan to establish a social enterprise local food distribution operation for Wiltshire. The aim is to improve the supply chain from smaller producers to retailers throughout Wiltshire and Swindon. The Rural Enterprise team are currently seeking funding to develop the proposal.   Developing Community Hubs Community First is seeking to support communities make use of their remaining community assets and turn them into viable concerns. These could be village halls, redundant school buildings, churches, reading rooms, pubs, etc. Many communities now have only one or two remaining community assets, and we are keen to help communities keep these going not only as viable concerns but also because they hold the potential to be a hub for social activities and rural community networking. The closing of many rural shops and post offices, the pressures on village pubs, together with the growing issue of rural services access and social isolation, have all contributed to the pressures on community services and the communities they serve. While communities recognise the need to address community services for the future, they are often unlikely to know the range of income generation and social support options that are available, or how to develop a robust, costed and partnered social enterprise proposal and guide it to funding application success. If your community is interested in developing a hub in rural Wiltshire and Swindon please contact Tim Coomer, Rural Enterprise Adviser.