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Latest News & Updates relevant to the Voluntary Sector

The GUIDE - Everything You Need to Know About GROWING a Voluntary or Community Group In Wiltshire

Our team have put together this really useful guide about running a community group. It's a large pdf file, so may take a while to download, but it's worth it!

Download THE GUIDE from here.

Welcome to the weekly GROW E-Bulletin

This bulletin gives you news, information and updates relevant to the voluntary & community sector both in general and local to you in Wiltshire. Information in this bulletin comes from all our services GROWVolunteer Centre Wiltshire & Equal Chances Better Lives. As well as information from YOU, the Voluntary and Community groups of Wiltshire. If you would like an item included in the bulletin please email it


Wiltshire News & Updates

  • Spotlight: Carer Support Wiltshire
  • Community Campuses – Do You Want to Know More?
  • Level 2 Food Safety Training
  • Free Equalities Health Check
  • Welfare Reform Act – Information Event
  • Social Media Training
  • Mentor Supported Volunteering
  • Wiltshire Funding Information from Charities Information Bureau South & West
  • Free Training for Carers
  • Showing of ‘Plastic Shores’ Film in Salisbury
  • Chippenham Town Civic Awards
  • Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant Scheme – Date for next round of applications
  • JSA for Health and Wellbeing
  • Wiltshire Health Improvement Partnership Awards
  • TLI Partnership Survey
  • Free Support for Social Entrepreneurs in Wiltshire


General News & Updates Relevant to the Voluntary Sector

  • Eversheds’ Pensions Agenda
  • Becoming a More Inclusive Employer
  • Police Stop and Search on BME Individuals
  • Small Charitable Donations Bill Passes Third House of Lords Reading
  • Changes to Fundraising Regulation
  • NAVCA Welcome Report Looking at Local Giving
  • Transforming Rehabilitation
  • Sixty Awards for Sixty Years – Diamond Jubilee Awards
  • Changes to Awards for All
  • Introduction to Enterprise – A One Day Workshop



Wiltshire News & Updates


Spotlight: Carer Support Wiltshire

Carer Support Wiltshire is a charity that offers emotional support, information, advice and time out to people caring for a family member or friend. All of their services are completely free and confidential. Being a ‘carer’ can cover many situations but usually it’s when you’re helping someone who cannot manage on their own. This could be due to old age, physical or mental illness, substance misuse, eating disorder or disability. Carer Support Wiltshire’s main aim is to try and ensure that carers get the help and support that they might need before they reach breaking point. If you would like some support you can access their services by phone 0800 181 4118 or

Community Campuses – Do You Want to Know More?

The theme for the next Wiltshire Voluntary Sector Forum is Community Campuses. If you or your group would like to hear about the latest developments on Community Campuses across Wiltshire then come along to this free event. Attendees will be able to hear from the Head of Campus and Operational Delivery at Wiltshire Council and the Chair of the Corsham Shadow Campus Operations Board. The event is taking place on Wednesday 20th February 2013 from 10am – 12:30pm at the Neeld Hall in Chippenham. For more information or to book your place contact Sarah on 0845 034 5250 or email

Level 2 Food Safety Training

Do you prepare food which is being served to the public? Do you want to know about food safety and food hygiene? Spaces are limited on this course so book now! The session is being held on Wednesday 30th January from 9:30am-4:30pm in Devizes and costs £55 per person. To book your place contact Sarah on 0845 034 5250 or

Free Equalities Health Check

Are you thinking of creating or reviewing your equalities policy? If so then this free event may be ideal for you. Attendees will be able to increase their confidence around equalities issues; identify gaps in your policy/procedures; highlight the action required; and identify internal equality related training needs. This session is taking place on Thursday 7th February from 10am – 1pm in Chippenham. Spaces are limited so BOOK NOW – Contact Sarah on 0845 872 5641 or email To view a flyer click here

Welfare Reform Act – Information Event

The Welfare Reform Act is due to come into force later this year and has been making the news headlines. Would you like to know more about the changes which are coming into place and the impact they may have on your service users? A member of Wiltshire Council will be delivering this free session which is taking place on Wednesday 13thMarch from 10am – 12:30pm in Salisbury. Booking is essential as spaces are limited. Contact Sarah to book your place by calling 0845 034 5250 or email For more information click here

Social Media Training

GROW are running another Social Media training session on 28th February 2013 from 10am-1pm in Devizes. This session is an ideal opportunity for those new to social media and for those who wish to explore how they can use social media to benefit their group/organisation. The session costs £10 per person and you can book by contacting Sarah on 0845 034 5250 or email

Mentor Supported Volunteering

The Mentor Supported Volunteering (MSV) Project is at a crucial stage in its development. We are on the brink of seeing the fruition of the all the careful preparation and training our first mentoring relationship. We are also ready to start to put together our application for the Approved Provider Standard (APS). We are optimistic that the MSV project will be making a successful submission in the summer. The publicity generated before Christmas has resulted in 3 new enquiries from potential Mentors. We look forward to meeting them and finding out more about them. Our success at recruiting mentors means that we would now like to encourage more mentees to sign up to this project. We are looking for people over the age of 18 with additional needs. They should be the type of person who would benefit from one to one mentoring support and most of all they should want to do some volunteering. If you know of any organisations whose service users may benefit from this project, or of any individuals please contact us on 0845 034 5250 or email

Wiltshire Funding Information from Charities Information Bureau South & West

If you are looking for professional, up to date advice and information on funding, Charities Information Bureau South & West (CIB) is here to help. Our funding advisors can assist you to find the right funders and to make sure your application stands out from the rest. Groups we have worked with have successfully secured funding from the Big Lottery, Wiltshire Area Grants and many local and national charitable trusts. We also provide a range of funding services and training, most of which are free, to help your group or organisation successfully fundraise. To speak to one of our advisors, please call (01380) 729279 or email: Further information about us and our FREE funders database can be found at Below are two examples of funders that have recently been updated on our database and may be of interest to you: THE ACTIVE COMMUNITIES FUNDING PROGRAMME To close the gap between those communities which experience the worst health in England, Scotland and Wales and the majority of the population. Between £5,000 and £25,000 is available.THE SHARPE TRUST For the maintenance, repair, and restoration of Church Bells situated anywhere in England and Wales. Grants range between £50 and £500, the average being approximately £150. Applications will normally be acknowledged within one month of receipt, but are only considered at the twice-yearly meetings of the Trustees (usually mid-March and mid-October).  

Free Training for Carers

Are you a CARER? Would you like to access FREE training for carers?  Courses available include: Lifting & Handling, First Aid, Managing Benefits & Finances, IT courses and many more. To access the training programme please go to the Carer Support Wiltshire website on or telephone 0800 181 4118 or 01722 322746. There is some help available with transport and respite when applying.  Provided by Carer Support Wiltshire in collaboration, and funded by Wiltshire Council and NHS Wiltshire.


Showing of ‘Plastic Shores’ Film in Salisbury

Salisbury City Community Area Partnership and South Wiltshire Agenda 21 will be showing the film 'Plastic Shores' on Thursday 24th January at the Studio Theatre, Ashley Road, Salisbury.  The film, produced and directed by a young man from Tisbury, is about the impact of plastic waste on the marine environment.  Entrance is Free but we hope to raise funds from a retiring collection which will go towards producing a shorter version of the film for use in secondary schools throughout Wiltshire. Click here for more information. 


Chippenham Town Civic Awards

Each year the Town Council presents Civic Awards to individuals for services to the Town and people of Chippenham. If you or your organisation would like to nominate an individual, you must be able to demonstrate that before or during 2012 the person put forward has met certain criteria. For more information and proposal forms call 01249 446699 or visit The closing date for these awards is Friday 22nd February 2013.

Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant Scheme – Date for next round of applications

The aim of the Community Covenant Grant Scheme is to financially support projects, at a local level, which strengthen the ties or the mutual understanding between members of the Armed Forces community and the wider community in which they live. Projects need to deliver tangible results and meet the aims of the Community Covenant scheme. Wiltshire Community Covenant Partnership’s deadline date for the next round of the applications to this scheme is 4 February 2013.  All application forms need to be with the Communities and Voluntary Sector Support (CVSS) unit by this date so that we are able to seek any information that we require before it is submitted to the local panel meeting for endorsement.  If endorsed, it will then be submitted to the MoD for their Community Covenant Grant panel meeting which takes place in March.  Bids, which are not endorsed locally, are unlikely to be approved by the MoD Community Covenant Grant panel.  Completed application forms should be emailed Please find a link below to the relevant page on the Wiltshire Council website for more information about the grant scheme. So far funding of £486,435 has been drawn down into Wiltshire and successful projects have included support for families, advocacy for Veterans, arts projects and improved sports and community facilities etc.

JSA for Health and Wellbeing

The Joint Strategic Assessment for Health and Wellbeing 2012-13 is now available and can be downloaded from the Wiltshire Intelligence Network website (  For a printed copy please contact Aimee Stimpson in the first instance - or phone 0300 003 4566. The Joint Strategic Assessment for Health and Wellbeing 2012/13 provides a summary of the current and future health and wellbeing needs of people in Wiltshire.  It has been developed with a clear ambition to further improve the scope and quality of our data, centred on transforming data into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom to provide a comprehensive picture of local needs.  The 2012/13 version concentrates on the key facts and key messages along with a focus on ‘topic reports’, which are areas identified as benefiting from new research or collation of existing disparate knowledge.  In order to continue to provide the breadth and depth of information required, the Wiltshire Intelligence Network website has been utilised to host over 1,000 pages of supporting assessments, briefings and resources presented in an accessible way. The JSA focuses on five key health and wellbeing challenges for Wiltshire: Identifying and supporting complex and vulnerable families. Reducing the harms associated with alcohol and drug misuse. Supporting increasing numbers of people with long term health conditions to manage their conditions. Improving people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. Reducing the number of long term care home placements. The production of an annual JSNA was made a statutory requirement in the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act, 2007.  The production of an annual JSNA remains a statutory requirement and this JSA for health and wellbeing fulfils the requirements of statutory JSNA. Many thanks for those who contributed to this assessment. In addition to the main report and supporting information there is also a two-page Executive Briefing that explains what the JSA is, what the key facts and issues are; and shows the range of topics covered.  It can be downloaded from here or from the Intelligence Network page.

Wiltshire Health Improvement Partnership Awards

There’s still time to nominate for Wiltshire’s fifth annual Health Improvement Partnership Awards which celebrate the work of every individual, group, organisation and business involved in improving the health and wellbeing of our local communities.  You can take part either by nominating work you are directly involved in or by nominating other groups, individual, clubs or organisations whose work you know of.  It’s quick and easy and is a great way of recognising the work being done in our communities. To find out more and to nominate, Last year over 130 people from over 70 different organisations and projects attended the awards ceremony at Warminster’s Civic Centre.  This year’s ceremony will take place at Trowbridge Civic Centre on 13th March 2013. There are nine award categories: Physical activity award; Healthy eating award; Sexual health award; The Sanofi Pasteur MSD Innovation award; Mental health and wellbeing award; Health inequalities award; Smoking, alcohol and drug misuse prevention award; Workplace Health and Wellbeing Award award; and The Liquid Media Public award for outstanding contribution to improving health and wellbeing. The deadlines for nominations are 25th January 2013 if you want to nominate another organisation, group or individual and 31st January if you want to nominate your own organisation’s work.

TLI Partnership Survey

You can take the TLI Partnership Survey by following this link: The Transforming Local Infrastructure Partnership (TLI) which has also been called “One Front Door” locally is trying to find out what support the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Wiltshire needs from us. Responses need to be made by March 2013.

Free Support for Social Entrepreneurs in Wiltshire

Social Entrepreneurs Wiltshire has been set up to support the needs of new entrepreneurs with their challenges and views of the future; experiences of getting business skills and knowledge; and their vision of how Wiltshire social enterprises can develop and transform communities. For a list of dates of training events please click here. There is also have a registration survey on Survey Monkey, which explains about what a social enterprise is, helps people think about their strengths and weaknesses, and what areas they might like training in or help with  and those who register their details will be contacted for a discussion about what support could be offered.

General News & Updates Relevant to the Voluntary Sector

Eversheds’ Pension Agenda

Eversheds have issues a new quarterly pensions publication ‘Pensions Agenda’. This first edition sets out 10 New Year’s resolutions for UK pension schemes and their sponsors, which will help them tackle the key issues that are likely to arise in 2013. See:


Becoming a More Inclusive Employer

Sign up to the free e-newsletter about being an Inclusive Employer. You'll receive emails containing breaking news on all matters inclusion See:


Police Stop and Search on BME Individuals

In response to press reports Wednesday last week that Stuart Lawrence, brother of murdered teenager Stephen, had launched a race complaint against the Metropolitan Police after he was stopped 25 times in his car. Mark Hammond, CEO of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said: “Stuart Lawrence’s account of his treatment sadly reflects the experience of too many black and ethnic minority people who are subject to disproportionate numbers of stops and searches by the police. The most recent figures show that across England and Wales, black people are still at least six times as likely to be stopped and searched compared to white people. "The Commission has worked with various police forces, including the Met, to address this issue, and we have seen some success in bringing down disproportionality in some areas with no adverse impact on crime prevention nor detection. There is no reason why all police forces cannot adopt the same best practice.

“We hope to work with the Mayor’s team and the new police and crime commissioners to achieve this progress across the board.” For the full story click here.


Small Charitable Donations Bill Passes Third House of Lords Reading

The new measure will allow charities to claim Gift Aid like payments from April on small donations totalling up to £5,000 a year without individual paperwork. For the full article, please follow through to this link.

Changes to Fundraising Regulation

The Fundraising Standards Board is to become the public face for fundraising after recommendations that changes to fundraising be made. The Institute of Fundraising will set standards by writing the rules and codes. Russell-Cook Solicitors has provided a comprehensive resource available here

NAVCA Welcome Report Looking at Local Giving

NAVCA has welcomed a new report looking at local giving and ways that NAVCA members can support it. Local Giving: possibilities for support and development organisations has been produced by the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) at Sheffield Hallam University. The report presents findings from a small research study into local giving. The findings are intended to provide the basis for strengthening the contribution of NAVCA members to local giving and philanthropy for social action. Joe Irvin, Chief Executive of NAVCA, said; "NAVCA members already do more work than anybody else to help local charities and community groups raise income. We will talk to members about this report's findings to see how it can help us improve the support NAVCA and our members provide."

Transforming Rehabilitation

The Government has published proposals for reforming the delivery of offender services in the community to reduce reoffending rates whilst delivering improved value for money for the tax payer. Critics have given an initial assessment that it looks very similar to the controversial work programme.

Sixty Awards for Sixty Years – Diamond Jubilee Awards

Sixty organisations which have successfully harnessed the hard work, commitment and generosity of volunteers to change Britain for the better have been recognised with The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Volunteering Award 2012, the Cabinet Office and Buckingham Palace announced on 12 December.  More information and the list of organisations is available at - click here.  

Changes to Awards for All

Projects throughout England now have the opportunity to apply for repeat and on-going activities under Awards for All in a pilot scheme running until the end of March 2013.

Currently Awards for All does not fund on-going, regular or repeat activities, as the programme has focused on ‘new’ project ideas.  However, in these challenging times BIG are increasingly aware of the pressures smaller groups face with rising costs and cuts to funding, and want to respond to this by looking at alternative ways of funding projects that support those most in need. Following a successful six month pilot in the West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber, BIG are now rolling out the pilot across England.  This pilot will open out the criteria to all projects where the applicant has an income of less than (or equal to) £30,000 according to their latest accounts. BIG envisage this pilot running until 31 March 2013.  Any applications received for repeat and ongoing activities over this time period, and meeting the criteria above, will be assessed in the normal way.  Please be aware that application materials (Guide for applicants and Application form) will not be changed. Please see for more information.

Introduction to Enterprise – A One Day Workshop

Are you looking to diversify income streams by selling services or generating earned income? Action Planning is launching a new workshop designed for small and medium sized charities looking to develop enterprise from scratch. For more information click here.

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