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Wiltshire Community Support

Written by Chris Franklin.

Transforms Local Infrastructure (TLI)   was brought together by Cabinet Office and Big Connect to work closely with community and voluntary sector organisations to take on a project aimed at transforming support for locally based organisations.

In Wiltshire three voluntary sector organisations, Community First - in Devizes, Develop - based in Chippenham  and Wessex Community Action in Salisbury worked together on various TLI  partnership projects. One of the projects was the setting up of a Community Support website for Wiltshire

The objective was to bring together community support from the Voluntary Sector into a one website. Chris Franklin from cf10ten worked  with the three organisations’ web developers to combine content from their organisations expertise on training, support, jobs, and volunteering to make a one stop resources for the Wiltshire Community.

Users can quickly find information via an A-Z directory and search facility to know what is available and who to contact.  The ability to feedback and share information makes the site user friendly. The website will continue to be supported by the three partners for the next three years and will bring together other voluntary sector organisations. following  its launch.

Glenys ArmstrongThe site where possible uses dynamic content from existing website via RSS feeds to keep the site updated with the latest the jobs, news, training and twitter.

Glenys Armstrong the TLI Programme Manager said “The project has been a great success and as well as the website we have been able to help Wiltshire entrepreneurs with business initiatives in key areas supported by mentors.”

The project is also delivering a HR system and single phone number that can be used for the Voluntary sector.